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Project Description
Application allows a developer to configure a web survey using XML, post the survey with ASP.NET and persist/retrieve questions/answers on/from the destination wiki. Allows rapid content development for wikis in a semi-structured form. Supports MediaWiki via WikiAccess.NET API.



When you download the source code, there should be two folders: webSurvey2Wiki and WikiAccess-0.3-src.
I had to include the source for the WikiAccess Library since I had to make some changes that supported a wiki that required credentials in order to post pages. The original source for WikiAccess is maintained here, . I have emailed my changes to the developers of this API, so hopefully it will get rolled into their next release.

Steps to get it to run:
  • Open up the main solution under: webSurvey2Wiki \webSurvey2Wiki.sln
  • Configure your MediaWiki settings in the web.config file.
    • If you don't use credentials, just leave the mWikiUsername/mWikiPasswordsettings blank.
    • Specify the MediaWiki Root folder in the mWikiRootPath setting
    • You can leave everything else alone for now until you want to configure other settings later.
  • Specify your users in the Users.xml file.
    • This is an XML file and I have provided some sample users so you understand the structure.
    • For each user you can specify which survey's he/she has access to. These don't have to be "users", it can be anything you want, i.e. Department Names, Groups of people, etc.
    • The attribute "admin=true" will give the user access to all surveys
  • Specify the survey names in Surveys.xml
    • The sample data I provided sets up 4 surveys named User 1, User 2, etc., but you don't have to tie the survey name to a specific user since this mapping is done on the Users.xml file. (see above)
  • Specify the questions for your survey in the Restricted\Questions.xml file.
    • Each question must have a unique ID, since this is how the application reads the answers back and matches them with a question.

That's it!

Please post comments or add to the discussion board if you have any trouble.

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